Yoga Appeal: YES! Legal Brief Filed


Greetings YES! families –

“Locals’ Summer” is upon us – these sweet mid-September days when we ease back into the routines of the school year yet still enjoy fantastic beach weather.

Over the past few months the YES! legal team, including our rock star co-counsel M.C. Sungaila, has been hard at work responding to the appeal in the yoga lawsuit.  As we updated you in June, Dean Broyles, the attorney for the plaintiffs, continues to spread his anti-yoga conspiracy theories at every opportunity.  Not surprisingly, the appellate brief filed by Mr. Broyles contains numerous misstatements of both fact and law.

I encourage you to read YES!’s brief which was filed in the Court of Appeal today.  Our arguments surgically dismantle plaintiffs’ theories and we look forward to having our victory affirmed.

The wheels of justice indeed turn slowly and the Court is not likely to schedule oral arguments until sometime in 2015.  So for now let’s enjoy the sunshine, hug our kids and BREATHE!

As always, we will keep you posted.

Dave Peck
Coast Law Group LLP




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