Paul Ecke Central Student’s letter to Superintendent Baird


The below are the thoughts and concerns of one student, as emailed to Superintendent Baird late February. Her thoughts reflect the passion of many of our YES! families.

Dear Superintendent Baird,

I am a fourth grader at Paul Ecke Central and I love yoga, I love the teacher, and I love what she teaches us.

Every time I go to yoga I learn something new and I get dedicated to yoga even more. Ms. Bergeron teaches us something new every time we go to yoga.

Sometimes before I go to yoga my back hurts and after yoga class I feel so much better. All the days I go to yoga I feel so good and the days that we don’t have yoga I feel worse.

If the school district took away yoga I would be sad because we wouldn’t be able to use the breathing ball and I would miss yoga very much.

The things I have learned from yoga are that our lungs can take more, but we haven’t trained them yet and that is a good thing to know because if my lungs can take in more air then I will be healthier when I grow up.

I bet that a lot of other kids at our school district would agree with me and I know it, so please don’t let anybody take away our yoga program!!

It wouldn’t be fair if you took away the yoga program for just a group of people and lawsuits and make the rest of us unhappy. The people that don’t want their kids to take yoga can do something else for P.E. and then all of us would be happy.

Used with the family’s permission.


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